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Aarons Movers & Packers is a subsidiary of Aarons Global Logistics & Distribution-U.K, a trusted name in global market, serving the industry over a decade for Moving, Packing, Removal and Distribution services worldwide. We have an intensive network of offices and branches in 76 countries worldwide.

Aarons Movers & Packers is a perfect blend of high quality of service with international experience and local dimensions . Our priorities are to serve the customers in a highly professional environment with economy, speed & reliability.

Local Move [Within City]:

Currently this service is available in Karachi-Lahore & Islamabad. We can arrange to move household goods, personnel effect and other fragile belongings to another address in the same city in a most professional manner. The aim of our service is to provide a hassle free transportation with speed, trust and reliability. The important objective of our job and movement is to enhance your feeling of security & safety while moving of your house without exposing the items outside.

The services of Local Move in divided in 3 basic segments according to your budget & requirement:

1. House to House move in an open truck with no packing include.
2. House to House move with packing and in an open bed truck.
3. House to house move with packing and in a 20’ or 40’ container...


Moving Services !

* Advising on Documentation
* Applying and collection of export permit
* Applying and collection of N.O.C
* Preparation of shipping bill
* Preparation of Packing List / Inventory

Warehousing Services !

If the customer require storing the goods for a longer duration, we Aarons Movers & Packers are sufficient enough to fulfil the customer requirement.

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